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About Our Team

A large clinic bustling with a dozen employees we are not.   Dr. Kelly utilizes a “care pair” approach where herself and only one other person will be taking care of you…from start to finish.  No doctor on rollerskates.  No getting shuffled from one person to the next.   You will know your doctor…and they you.  

Daniel Watt

I have a true passion for helping people. I have spent many years working in the operating room as well as working in doctors clinics treating patients. I can't think of anything better than a patient thanking me for helping them with their health. I believe that the body will take care of its self if we treat it appropriately. I am almost always available to answer questions if you have them so please feel free to call or email with any questions.

In my spare time I love to migrate south to angustora resevoir. My family has a home there and thats our heaven. My son Mason loves to ride on the golf cart and go swimming and my wife Melanie loves to soak up the sun. When the walleye bite, I love to be chasing them and I really love just being outdoors. During the winter I have a passion for hunting and ice fishing. I guess you could say I am an outdoorsman of some type!!


Professionally, I have spent nearly 16 years in periodontal surgery and the maintenance of oral disease processes. The rest of my dental career has been placed in general practices with focus on periodontal disease prevention and therapy. I am committed to delivering the best dental and wellness care that is available, and maintaining a high level of education on current dental procedures.

I live the health that I teach patients and try to be a good role model. As a competitive athlete, summers are spent road bike racing and in the winter I nordic ski race. Great enjoyment is had backpacking, trail running, and healthy gourmet cooking.