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Welcome to Dakota Smiles

Dakota Smiles is a unique dental practice located in Black Hills of South Dakota. We not only offer a relaxing, state-of-the-art, hands-on atmosphere for our local families, but have become a regional destination for integrated, holistic, whole body dental medicine as well. So whether your coming from across town, or across the country as one of our “Destination Dentistry” guests, we trust you will find Dakota Smiles and Wellness Solutions a uniquely refreshing experience.Values based. Service Centered. Integrated and Personalized Care. Imagine that...a Black Hills dentist offering world class dentistry including full mouth reconstruction with a home town feel...perhaps we are just what you have been searching for.  For porcelain veneers in South Dakota, Dakota Smiles is your best choice.

As a former member, Dr. Kelly Lytle was the fourth woman in the United States to become an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Currently she is a fellow with the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry and was asked from a select few to become a Clinical Instructor there as well.

For dental implants in South Dakota, Dr. Kelly Lytle’s training as an implant dentist allows her to ensure that the loss of a tooth or teeth does not affect the health or function of your mouth. And, as a cosmetic dentist, she is able to make your implants look like they are your own natural teeth.

For Orthodontics in South Dakota, Kelly Lytle, DDS offers a non-traditional approach to braces, called neuromuscular orthodontics, that may actually prevent the need for full braces later on. Early diagnosis and treatment of food and environmental allergies, enlarged tonsils and adenoids that are obstructing the airway, recurrent ear infections, mouth breathing and snoring are part of an early interceptive program geared to guiding the child’s proper facial development.

For snoring in South Dakota, home testing is available to rule out sleep apnea which contributes to chronic health problems like inability to loose weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, impaired learning and ADHD and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Dr. Kelly Lytle’s approach to dentistry is seasoned and experienced. And as a mature woman dentist in the Blac Hills she is know for her compassionate listening and professional, yet approachable manner. It is not uncommon for guests to comment that “it is the most trusting I have ever felt at the dentist” or “I knew right away she was the right dentist for me”. You will find great comfort that Dr. Kelly Lytle will actually take the time get to know your individual concerns. And for the first time, you will see pictures of your own condition, be educated about your risks and options, and then intimately involved in creating a plan that best suits your goals.

Whether your needs are as simple as Bright Smile whitening for that special event next month or you are finally ready for that complete smile makeover, or full mouth reconstruction now that the kids are grown, porcelain veneers in South Dakota are the gold standard. Dr. Kelly Lytle has been creating masterpiece smiles for over two decades. Having a smile you can be proud of is a life changing, esteem building and confidence boosting experience that you won’t want to delay any longer.

Or perhaps you are curled up in the closet with migraines or suffering from nagging headache pain and feeling hopeless…after all, you’ve seen a variety of doctors from many different disciplines…only to get another prescription and no lasting solutions.

As a Black Hills dentist with advanced training in TMJ and full mouth reconstruction from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Kelly Lytle has specialized in treating these complex pain cases.

With all the talk about environmental concerns these days you are most likely savy about mercury being a highly toxic poison and already know that silver mercury dental fillings are 50% mercury. However, if you don’t already know about the chronic health problems that can be associated with heavy metal mercury toxicity, research IAOMT.org and you will see that Dr. Kelly Lytle is not only a Black Hills dentist, but a biological and holistic Black Hills dentist! So forget that Mexican clinic! Tooth colored, bonded composite fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays in South Dakota are easily accessibly options that are minimally invasive and restores the decay or damaged tooth back to its natural state…but even stronger!

Whatever your concerns, from simple to complex…from urgent to comprehensive…we will help you understand, prioritize and successfully treat your problem.