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Dr. Kelly

Kind.  Caring.  Confident.  Qualified.  Professional yet approachable.  A great listener.   You will find Dr. Kelly all of these things and more.  She jokes that her love for dentistry must be in her genes, as she has fond memories of working in her Dad’s and Uncle Joe’s dental office since grade school.  With tall shoulder’s to stand upon, she has been blessed with great mentors.  Instilled with a great work ethic, common sense and a passion to always keep learning, she has had a successful and rewarding career in dentistry for over two decades.  After twenty years as a general dentist her passion has refined itself into the area of how “whole body dentistry” affects all the systems of the body.  Believing that the health care of the future should be collaborative and coordinated, she  offers  integrated wellness services all under one roof.   Considering herself a “dental physician” , she is uniquely positioned to not only help you achieve the smile of your dreams, but more importantly, help you reach your total health and wellness goals as well.

Summer weekends are spent on the road somewhere…whether on her Harley with her husband King Cavalier II or  loaded up in the truck with a trailer full of horses accompanying her two teenage boys on the rodeo trail.   If it is winter, your most likely to find her getting “bleacher butt” watching the boys play whatever sport is in season, sculpting or curled up with a good book.  Or, as her husband jokes, off to the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry to either instruct or to get her next “continuing education fix!”