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What Makes Us Different

It boils down to a few  simple things.  Mind you they weren’t necessarily simple to develop,  but isn’t that the mark of a true professional…to make the difficult appear so easy?

1. Education

No where will you find this combination of education and experience.  Educated at the University of Colorado, it was small school where individual attention was still possible. She was selected to work for her endodontic professor throughout dental school and received an award  for being the “most painless” dentist of her class. All of those experiences, no doubt, contributed to her earning a perfect 100% on her clinical boards.  For the first decade in private practice, Dr. Kelly was mentored by two of the most progressive dentists of their day.  Not only were they mercury free, they were  the first to talk about oral disease causing systemic disease and had implement nutrition and lifestyling into their practice way back in the 60’s! In 1991, Dr. Kelly was the fourth woman in the entire US to achieve accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and was a leader in that organization for nearly 20 years. With an expanding interest in total health and wellness her focus shifted to studying Whole Body Dental Medicine. From 2000-2004 she completed a rigorous post graduate training program with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and now holds the status of being one of their clinical instructors.  Committed to staying on the leading edge, Dr. Lytle attends over 150 hours of continuing education courses each year.

2. Empathy

It is that old saying, “you don’t care how much someone knows, until you know how much they care”.  Believing that a good relationship trumps an impressive resume every time,  Dr. Kelly is a skilled communicator and a great listener. 

3.  Engaged

With the luxury of not having to practice dentistry any longer, she has made a conscious choice to work “one on one”  with like minded people that she enjoys and that are ready to make a difference in their lives. The focus is on fulfillment …and we all know that comes from loving what you do and who you are doing it with.  No where will you find a doctor dedicate so much time and attention to one thing…..you!